Hi, I'm Clinton!

I'm a multimedia journalist and news apps developer. I got my bachelor's in journalism from UNC Chapel Hill, and I was recently the News Apps Intern at NPR News. I am available for hire! You can find links to my Github, Twitter, etc above, or scroll down to check out some of my past projects.

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NPR Book Concierge 2016

NPR.org's annual Book Concierge is one of their most popular recurring features. For the 2016 edition, I lead a redesign focused on improving the mobile experience. Using Google analytics data, I determined where users were struggling with the app's interface and did my best to improve usability. With a few simple UI design tweaks and the addition of swipe-based navigation we saw a significant increase in how many books mobile users viewed per session.

Role: Front-End Developer, Designer

NPR Election Results 2016

An app to track election data in real-time, every newsroom needs one. Along with some work collecting census data on the back-end, I primarily focused on building out pages dedicated to displaying results for each individual state, down to the county level.

Role: Full-Stack Developer

NPR Live Transcript Annotations

A record breaker for concurrent users at NPR.org, this live transcription and annotation tool was first used by the NPR politics team to cover the 2016 presidential and vice-presidential debates. It has since been used by NPR and various member stations to cover political events all over the country. As a full-stack developer on this project, I helped write Python code to parse incoming transcripts on the backend, while also working build user navigation tools on the frontend.

Role: Full-Stack Developer

NPR Music Users' Top Songs 2016

At the end of 2016, NPR Music asked users to vote for their top 5 songs of the year. Unfortunately, they decided to do this with a form made up of simple text fields, with no way to track or prevent repeat submissions. I worked with OpenNews fellow Lisa C. Rost using python scripts and OpenRefine to clean and sort the messy data. You can read about our approach here!

Role: Back-End Developer

Divided by the Sea

This project, funded by a grant from UNC's Global Education Fund, tells six stories from the refugee crisis in the Mediterranean using a variety of multimedia. As one of only two devs/designers, I co-designed and built the web package for these amazing stories. I focused on creating intersting and informative interactive graphics for the project.

Role: Front-End Developer, Designer

Rooted in the Rapids

The Carolina Photojournalsim Workshop is an annual summer workshop where UNC's most talented photojournalism students find and develop visual stories around a central theme or community. I helped develop the web experience for the 2015 workshop.

Role: Full-Stack Developer

Raising the Score

This series of mini-documentaries and accompanying stories and graphics was created by a team of almost 30 UNC journalism students and sponsored by international humanitarian aid group CARE. I contributed to various pages and interactive graphics to accomplany stories, but the main focus of my time was on designing and building the interactive, scrolling homepage.

Role: Full-Stack Developer

Ebola in Liberia

In 2014 I was part of a group of UNC journalism students recruited to join a crisis team of developers in helping the World Health Organization combat the spread of ebola in Liberia. This app was used to track and map cases of ebola as they were reported via SMS from doctors on the ground during the height of the crisis. I coded HTML and CSS for the homepage.

Role: Front-End Developer